How Nigerian movies used to disappoint

The Nigerian movie industry has been around for a long time and has been through thick and thin, even till this day. Though there are some Nigerian movies that still exhibit most of the things listed below, there are a lot of our movies that say otherwise and could probably be described as puurfect. This isn’t particularly a recent trend, but i still want to share this.
1. They are too dramatic- facial expressions are too exaggerated. We know you’re trying to poison your wife,

you don’t need to show it on your face. It’s not even comedy.
2. The bullet that is released from the gun is similar to spiritual attack (the movie that has a main character just chilling in the living room and then it hits the person’s chest) or the fire coming out from Sango’s mouth in the Sango movie.
3. The potential accident victim is already feeling the pain of the collision from an escapable distance or the person is too shocked or entranced by the dance of multiple swervings before he or she hits the ground.
4. There are hair saloons in the afterlife, while the ghosts sometimes look hot. They have time to haunt you as they squeeze some time to haunt you.
5. There are fashion designers in heaven, so the ghosts have to change outfits, right as soon as they disappear. Please give them some minutes.
6. We know you’re putting a lot of effort, but you might want to change the scenery of your traditional movies. It’s too cliche. Do more research and give us a slice of the past. Please tell more stories of real people or enlighten us further of our ancestors and their principles and the values of their beliefs and culture. We also need really thick plots that make us think while we watch. In addition, depict tribal and cultural diversity and why these things are unique. By the way, that movie ‘sualata’ was really interesting.
7. We need fresh faces. A thirty year old doesn’t particularly have to play the role of a fifteen year old secondary school girl.
8. Everything is not as black and white as we always presume. Don’t be stereotypical or too sarcastic. We need to consider the impact of this on our future leaders of tomorrow.

9. Please be conscious of the kids. We know you’re all hot and sexy and beautiful but what exactly is the moral of the story? In addition, is it possible without thinking too hard what to figure out the scene and plot?
10. It is not easy to be a Nigerian actor, especially the piracy issue, amongst other challenges, but these advertisements are just too much and the pace is a bit frightening, especially when it starts with ‘yee paripa’ or ‘hey hey hey hey’.
11. We need more movies for children, preferably acted by them. We need to raise an awareness of children actors. It doesn’t always have to be a cartoon and there’s no need to act it like children are stupid, when we know this is untrue.


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