To scrap or not to scrap: why you should love scrapbooking.

So it occurred to me out of the blue that I had this scrapbook, where I pasted clips and pictures, and I decided to share it with you. A scrapbook is a book that contains memorabilia. In 15th century England, common place books became popular (because they included a compilation of information like recipes, quotations, letters, poems and so on).

My scrapbook (from long ago) 

No, I’m not a football fan, I don’t hate it though and I don’t understand why some people get crazy over it😱. There was this time in secondary school, when our Art teacher took us on an excursion to the National Theatre. I bought some artworks at a really affordable price (though good for me, the art enthusiast, African artists need more credit and appreciation than that).

A present to the king by Chinedu Agbodike. 

Fulaniza by Chinedu Agbodike and Queen Amina of Zaria by Ekanem .B. (produced by National gallery of modern art. Federal department of culture, Lagos, Nigeria. 

Bronze head in the Udo style atypical of Benin court and Yoruba 20th century wooden mask for Gelede with a superstructure consisting of a pair of ladders. 

Newspaper clip consisting a short story (by Okechukwu Uwaezuoke)  and Edward Munch’s scream. {THISDAY, The Sunday Newspaper, November 18, 2007, pg 5}.

Newspaper clip on tweeting 

Success strategies and 15 reasons we don’t succeed.

Why you should start scrapbooking:

1. Preserving memories.

2. Great idea for a new hobby!

3. Keeping traditional scrapbooking in motion

4. You might get inspired to start a scrapbooking company, but you need to scrapbook to understand what you’re doing.

5. Relaxation

6. You’re trying to liven up that society or club or your hang out with friends.

7. Create memories! Take pictures____

8. You’re trying to be creative, why not start with that.

9. You’re bored and that scissors can not go to waste, particularly when the ‘cold news’ newspaper keep piling up.

10. Introduce it into your study life or work style.


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