How PHCN messes us up and why we should concentrate on another power source. 

They have gone by several names: NEPA,  PHCN, DISCOS and so on.  Some of us still call them NEPA, others PHCN and the well informed will go ahead to give you the gritty details. There has been a lot of incidents regarding the power distribution companies of Nigeria, some uttered or pondered with mixed feelings. Here are some ways they mess with Nigerian citizens.

1. PHCN causes depression – Natural lighting has a calming effect on human moods and emotions; absence of light and/or poor artificial lightning can trigger depression.

2. They are not good for your health – They can cause high blood pressure, mood swings, stress and anxiety, especially when you were at the climax of a football game, or a really good movie, or watching an important broadcast.

3. They are bad for business- They are unreliable for businesses that need an energy power source 24/7. According to NASME (Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises) 65% of new businesses were moribund within the first three years  in operation in Nigeria and power supply is a result for this.

4. They are financial vampires – They charge bills outrageously. Sometimes it doesn’t even add up when you see fifty thousand Naira on your bill, yet you know it’s supposed to be less than twenty thousand each month,  especially when they supplied light just once that month. When there is light sometimes, it is towards the end of the month,  so when you see the bill after receiving your salary ‘you know what to do ‘.

5. They restore power supply when you’re asleep- Might be helpful for insomniacs or in time of emergency, the list goes on, but what happened to the other part of the evening when some people are just returning home? Is it negotiable or not?

6. They live up to their other name: Please Hold your Candles Nigerians.

7. We’re under the impression that they hold ‘power’, when we ready our manpower to confront them for not supplying light for a length of time, though the bill charged never ceased. Just look a bit above and you can see the lightning of government controversy reality [scratch out the theory].

8. They are too unpredictable for a person craving stability. There can be light for a few days  and light flashes for the rest of the month.

9. They restore light abundantly when you just fixed your problematic generator and cease supply when the generator becomes faulty.

10.Now that you can afford to get an inverter and a solar, they’ve introduced the meter.

11. You notice that there is PHCN light at the month end and you know why, when you receive your bill and your salary.

12. They bill residents outrageously.

13. Aside internet service, they are the bane of an onliner’s existence.

14. They cause untimely dirt. We’re talking about naked wires, especially those left unattended for too long.

15. They cause appliance spoilage because of the irregularities in frequency.

16. They can’t help themselves,so they can’t help you as much as you might expect, because they need to be paid well too.


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